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Succeed in a hybrid world - invest in your managers

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Why is developing skills in our managers so critical as they take on the challenges of the new hybrid working models?

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Often learning and development budgets are the first to go when we look at how to hit year end targets. But in the wake of changes to how we work this needs to be re-addressed urgently.

Research shows that most people feel happier and healthier working at least some of the time from home. And the accepted thinking is that we are just as productive at home if not more so.

So far so encouraging. But there are challenges: What about stress, lack of interaction and a perceived lack of career development. The role of the manager is vital.

It can be tough out there

Several studies have highlighted the fact that some people find they are working longer hours and that more is expected of them. And with this comes stress.

And then there is the lack of social interaction that most of us crave. It's easy to become isolated and for some people juggling personal and family challenges and just maintaining a decent work/life balance is ironically quite hard.

Recently there has been quite a lot of focus on potential difficulties of getting promoted if you're not in the office. Some of this will improve as offices begin to open up but some home working is here to stay.

Let’s think about the managers

One challenge which is rarely talked about is how different all of this is for managers of teams. Helping hybrid teams develop and grow requires a different management dynamic to the pre-Covid physical office environment.

How do you maintain team engagement and effectiveness while nurturing the team culture? How do you build momentum, look after everyone's mental health and prioritise career development for all?

Skills such as leading from the front, collaborating, coaching and having difficult conversations where necessary are critical to the success of any team manager. Add to this the need to look after each individual and their mental health to ensure the team is happy and can thrive.

How many organisations have invested in developing skills to enable managers to manage remote and hybrid teams with confidence? Our research suggests far fewer than you may imagine. Many were just thrown in at the deep end when Covid hit and have had to get on with it.

So we say give the team managers a break! Invest in developing them to make sure they have the tools and the skills they need to be successful in this new world. Find somewhere else to make the budget cuts. The payback is likely to be enormous - with engaged and successful people and a set of role models for the next generation coming through.

How can we help you?

At C-Change Management Ltd, we are experts in taking an integrated approach to helping organisations implement successful, sustainable flexible working solutions. From developing the strategy, engaging teams in testing the solutions, and supporting managers in the day to day challenge of team effectiveness, you can be reassured you will be in experienced hands.

Do get in touch today and email us at

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